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WNBA - www.wnba.com

USA Basketball - www.usabasketball.com

Textbook Basketball - www.textbookbasketball.com
This site is designed for youth basketball coaches and players who want to improve their basketball skills. Articles, animations, and videos show basketball plays, drills, and fundamentals step-by-step so you can understand them quickly and start using them on the basketball court.

Best Basketball Drills - www.bestbasketballdrills.com
Get pro-level tips, drills and training information by signing up for their free newsletter.

Weplay - www.weplay.com
Weplay is the first site where coaches, parents and athletes can all participate, organize and share. With weplay you can: Breakthrough Basketball - www.breakthroughbasketball.com
On This Site You'll Find Hundreds of FREE Basketball Drills, Plays, Tips, Offenses, Defenses, Advice, and Training Resources for Basketball 

The Coach's Clipboard - www.coachesclipboard.net
A basketball coaching web-site and playbook with plays, drills, articles, offenses and defenses, player tips, animated play diagrams, and video clips.

CoachDeck - www.coachdeck.com
What is CoachDeck?  The first-ever, instructional deck of cards designed by coaches for coaches. Shuffle through 52 color-coded drills that teach valuable fundamentals, while leaving in the "fun." Whether you’re a novice or veteran, in charge of the team, or just working with the "future superstar" in the backyard, A Perfect Practice is in the Cards, with CoachDeck™.