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 How are game scores reported/recorded?  The coach of the home team reports the final score by emailing it to Dsequeira@lincnet.org 

 I am the home team coach, how do I report the final score of a game?   By emailing it to DSequeira@lincnet.org

Can my child "play up" onto an older team than their age would suggest?  Yes, a player may play up, however no player may play on more than one team in the Tri-Town Youth Basketball League.  Therefore, if your child "plays up" they cannot also play on an age appropriate team.

What do I do if I need to cancel a game?  If you cannot field a team on a day that you are scheduled to play you must contact all members of your team, the opposing coach, your town coordinator and Stacey Mulroy (who will contact the referee coordinator).  Whenever possible, please be sure to contact these people by the Wednesday before your game.

How do I report a score for a game that has been forfeited?   By emailing it to tritownbasketball@gmail.com

How do I find the contact information for the opposing coach?  Click on the Teams tab at the top of the www.tritownbasketball.com website, in the bulletins page, select the team whose coach you are trying to reach.  Their contact information should display automatically.  If it is not listed, please contact the appropriate town coordinator.

There is a conflict between a schedule I received from my teams coach and the schedule on this site.  Which is correct?  The schedule on this web site is the master schedule and is correct, unless you are told otherwise by your team's coach.